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You have a whole new set of challenges.
You need to turn those challenges into opportunities.
To do that, you need a new way of thinking.

You need to be more creative and imaginative about new possibilities and be much more robust in analyzing those possibilities.

You need to be sure you are choosing between the new possibilities with the highest probability of success. You need to be innovative.

We know how to pull the intelligence and creativity out of your group, showing them how to be more successful with everything they do.

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We have (quite) a bit of experience


of original research has led to an understanding of the unpredictable, tumultous changes going on today and what your organization can do to make change an ally rather than a nemesis.


teaching powerful creative thinking methods through techniques that break down barriers with amazing technology for startups, enterprises, and everything in between.

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We help you innovate

At FarSight Group we help clients create the ideal: to innovate all the way from new strategies to successful commercialization in products, services, processes, business models, distribution and more. Our powerful creative and collaborative methods help your people produce awesome ideas. We then help you evaluate and sort these ideas to find those that will make their way profitably into a ruthlessly competitive market. FarSight collaboration tools also effectively navigate new ideas through (dare we say it) the inertia and change-resistant mazes that are found in many organizations.

Our clients love us

"I would highly recommend FarSight Group's process to any group or organization wrestling with the realities of constant discontinuous change and seeking more effective ways of organization. This team uses expanded creativity to open up the box of future possibilities and quickly comes together around the prioritization of initiatives."

... Craig Schrotenboer, Vice-President for People, Herman Miller, Inc.